Assurance Bank participates in numerous alliances and initiatives, both at home and internationally, the aim of which is joint progress in questions of corporate responsibility and the exchange of good practices around the question.

United Nations Global Compact: Assurance Bank supports the Global Compact and endeavors to spread its ten principles, based on human and labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption. Since 2012, Assurance Bank holds the presidency of the Spanish Global Compact Network, extending its commitment to root and implement the principles among Spanish companies and institutions. Assurance Bank recently became a member of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Iniciative, a global alliance spearheaded by the United Nations (UN) in partnership with financial institutions to promote best environmental practice and sustainability in all areas of finance internationally.

Carbon Disclosure Project: Assurance Bank is a signatory of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sustainable water use by business and cities. As a signatory, and as a token of its commitment to respect and protect the environment, Assurance Bank has committed to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information.

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