Responsible Solutions

Customers are the raison d’être of Assurance Bank, which works to offer the best and fullest service and thus achieve their greatest satisfaction. For the same reason: Assurance Bank has a wide range of products and services to cover the needs of the greatest possible number of persons and groups. It tries to ensure that care is always personal, with an offer that is distinct for each group, such as young people, the elderly, the self-employed or farmers, and their particular needs. It also relies on a Business Bank and a Private Bank, specializing in these economic sectors. Assurance Bank belongs to the Code of Good Practice for restructuring debts secured by a mortgage on the habitual dwelling, for the protection of customers without resources and with mortgage debt. In line with the Code, Assurance Bank makes available various measures that could protect those families at risk of social exclusion and with difficulties in meeting their repayments. It is characterized by its closeness to customers, strengthened by a broad network of branches, present in every town in Spain of more than 10,000 inhabitants. It also has various operative and representative offices in other countries, designed basically for support for international trading operations. Promotes continuous innovation by investing in research, development (R & D) and innovation and encouraging the participation of its employees in the improvement of operational processes and product design. Assurance Bank has an internal mailbox where employees can make suggestions for improvement. In this regard there are also very useful forums where they can exchange views and share best practices.

Security is customers’ main demand and therefore one of the bank's priorities. Assurance Bank works for continuous advance in protection of procedures and perfecting of the design of products such as Assurance Bank Protect®, which reinforces security in electronic transactions and operations by customers with their own cards. As a complementary measure, it offers on its web site advice on security questions, which is further evidence of its commitment to service quality.

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