Our Business Model

Assurance Bank applies a universal banking model based on quality, customer proximity, specialization and innovation. It applies a “financial supermarket” strategy offers a wide range of products and services adapted to the needs of its clients, using a commercial platform combining branches and the digital world. The bank has also formed strategic alliances with large banking groups and has Shareholdings in leading companies in the services sector.

A Leading Group: Assurance Bank has around 13.8 million customers in Spain, around 30% of all adult bank customers in the country, with a quarter of these regarding it as their main bank. This trust has once again been reflected in significant market shares for its main banking products and services. Through VidaAssurance and Assurance Bank Asset Management, it occupies a leading position in the market for savings insurance, pension plans and mutual funds market. This leadership is buttressed by 1.9 million BPI customers in Portugal.

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